The tower of the town hall of Le Havre

Le Havre

Don't miss the chance to spend at least one day in Le Havre, the cradle of Impressionism: an extraordinary city for its architecture, light and atmosphere!

Discover the Perret center , an architectural complex classified as a World Humanity Heritage Site. Ask at la Maison du Patrimoine for a guided tour (these tours are exciting and help us understand the refinements of this concrete architecture).

Visit the Malraux Museum (one of the most important impressionist collections in France), in front of the sea. We also recommend a guided tour. Bénédicte Marin is an outstanding cultural mediator.

Stroll in the Hanging Gardens of Sainte Adresse: the view of the port is precious and the greenhouses are great.

If you have the time, try to visit Le Havre’s harbor by boat.

Fécamp sailing boat - Danielle DUMAS - Normandie Tourisme

Fecamp (21 km)

Be surprised by the architecture of the Benedictine Palace , discover how the Benedictine is made (not all the secrets, of course), the modern art gallery, and end your visit with a liquor tasting. Many experiences are proposed...

Visit the Pêcheries de Fécamp to discover the life of the fishermen from Fecamp who used to go cod fishing in Terre-Neuve waters.

Do not miss Cap Fagnet , its wind farm and chapel.

The port of Honfleur, a popular destination for Clos Delamare holidaymakers

Honfleur (42 km)

It’s a little further. But it is worth passing the Pont de Normandie that crosses the Seine estuary and discovering the exceptional site of the Grand Bassin, the Eugène Boudin museum and the Maison Satie .

Another solution: go to Honfleur by boat from Le Havre.