Qui sommes nous ?

The owners of the Clos Delamare

Who we are ?

Patrice is the child of this old farm. With Laurence, his wife, they welcome you to share their love of landscapes, culture and local products.

You can also meet Francine, Patrice’s mother, who lives in the Clos Delamare (the house "La Reinette"): she is the one who takes care of the hens and the small hothouses in our garden. She is the benevolent guardian of the Clos.

Laurence Nivet and Patrice Delamare [email protected]

+33 2 35 20 28 04

+33 6 72 58 20 39

Warmth and simplicity

Near the embankment, east of the Clos Delamare, stands the lodging «La Clozette» (the clozette is a sweet apple variety that produces a dry cider).

Ideally located in the village of Poterie Cap d'Antifer, near Etretat, far from the crowds, you can laze on the terrace, hike on the cliff to the Aiguille Creuse, visit Le Havre, Honfleur or Fécamp, cycle on the country roads between sky, fields and sea...

Laurence provides tourist information to inspire your getaways and Patrice has prepared ideas for walking or cycling (available on site). They are also present to recommend you, according to your tastes and aspirations, such visit or such small producer...

"We wanted this accommodation to be as comfortable as possible for you to have an excellent stay and are very attached to cleanliness.

As you can see, we try to be as careful as possible to welcome you. And we are always available to answer your questions."


At the Clozette, we take care of nature: selective sorting, rainwater recovery, insulation of the house with ecological products (cotton wool and fermacell), thermodynamic water heater (production of water based on a heat pump), energy-efficient appliances, certified “eco-label” cleaning products. We also encourage our guests to walk, pedal and take public transport (connection Le Havre – Etretat every hour).