You're in luck! We'd like to share with you some of our best addresses for discovering the products of our region and making your holiday a gourmet experience, but that's not all! We warmly recommend these products, which we love and eat regularly.

Markets not to miss

For lovers of markets and fresh produce, we recommend a Wednesday trip to the market in Gonneville-la-Mallet : the perfect cycling getaway (it's just 5 km away). This market is steeped in local tradition (it's been around since 1633!). Don't miss a trip to the wheat market! 

On Thursdays , you can go all the way down to Etretat

And we recommend the one in Octeville-sur-Mer on Sunday mornings

But beyond the markets, there are many local producers that you can visit directly on their websites.

For gourmets

The Clos Delamare gîtes invite you to visit the Pains d'épices de Bertrand shop: there's so much to discover!

Les Pains d’épices de Bertrand

It's the story of a very endearing family who make and sell extraordinary gingerbread. Even if you don't like gingerbread in the first place, go and have a look, talk and taste. We're sure you'll come back smitten.
At La Moussette et la Clozette, we love the ice creams from le panier de Léonie!

Le panier de Léonie

This too is a family affair... The Leroux farm offers dairy products as well as sweet and savoury dishes (such as the famous teurgoule, delicious ice creams or cannelés with chorizo...).

Mare Cavelière products are highly recommended by the Clos Delamare gîtes.

La Mare Cavelière

Every Friday morning, the Claes family lorry comes to the small market in Criquetot L'Esneval, selling organic chicken, cold meats, yoghurts and cream...
Products of the highest quality!

Local drinks

Patrice and Laurence from Clos Delamare invite you to visit the cider eco-museum

Eco-musée du cidre

The Godefroy family welcome you to their (magnificent) walled garden for a very interesting tour, which ends in the shop where you'll find cider and apple juice, of course, but also many other local products.

From La Moussette and La Clozette, it only takes 20 minutes to get to the Astravent distillery.

Distillerie Astravent

Fans of gin and whisky will be delighted, but not only. This distillery is rooted in the land, and Louis Thierry will help you discover a whole world...

There are other pleasures than those of the belly around the Clos Delamare!

In the Clos Delamare gîtes, you will find handmade soaps.


Pauline Saint-Requier is the soap-maker who supplies Le Clos Delamare with soaps: you can test them in the gîtes and discover many other varieties in her little shop full of treasures: all the products are made from local organic ingredients and are allergen-free. And they're beautiful too!
At Poterie Cap d'Antifer, Clos Delamare recommends Fleur de sel for buying pretty flowers!

Fleur de sel

OK, so you have to come by car and leave some room for the return journey... But horticulturists Stéphane and Patricia offer a variety of inexpensive, often highly original and robust flowers and plants in our village. When you walk into the greenhouses, you want to buy everything :-)