How to make cider and other stories

The grege bedroom of la Clozette is opened by a pane overlooking the cellar: switch on the light, sit down in the rattan armchair and contemplate the barrels that hold calvados and cider…

Patrice follows the tradition and makes the apple juice, cider, calvados and pommeau for our familial use.

If you wish, he will friendly share his passion and a drink with you.

Feed the hens

The hens also have their lodging at Clos Delamare: covered with slate and well insulated with cotton wool like the Clozette and the Moussette, the chickenhouses a dozen poultry, which you can feed with your peelings and food waste, under the watchful eye of Francine. Children and adults alike will be delighted!

Relaxing in the orchard

The orchard - "the planted courtyard" as Albert used to say - is the keystone of the property. All the houses at Le Clos open onto this green heart, which Patrice lovingly tends with the help of Nono the robot. There are both stone and seed fruit trees: cider apples, pears, knives, plums, etc. In spring, the trees are in bloom, and later Laurence makes jellies and jams to make the family's breakfasts even better. And our guests' toddlers love to frolic in the grass when the sun comes out.


Coming to The Clos Delamare is also an opportunity to taste the products of local producers and fishermen.

On Wednesday morning, we go by bicycle to the market of Gonneville-la-Mallet and we rush under the corn exchange to buy vegetables, butter, cream...

You can go to a store of producers to find cheese, cold cuts, vegetables, strawberries (in the right season;-)

One of our favorite escapades is the one that leads us to the dairy farm of "the Panier de Léonie": we can attend the milking of cows, buy exquisite homemade ice creams , salty or sweet and a "teurgoule"... hum... do not take too small jars, You’ll have to go back!

By the sea, do not miss to visit the sea farm of Aquacaux and to bring back a turbot: the oven of the Clozette is perfect to cook it and it will be even better if you taste it on the terrace. And you’ll have come down and climbed so many steps to get it that you deserve it.

On Saturday mornings, be early and go down to Etretat to buy your fish directly from the fishermen and, during the week, it is the fish market of Le Havre that we recommend.

0ur corner of Seine Maritime is conducive to the most varied taste experiences.

Discover golf in Etretat

The golf course of Etretat is an exceptional place, situated on top of the cliffs . It offers a breathtaking view and a course that requires golfers to also play with the wind.

Are you a golfer? Then you don't need an introduction to this beautiful marine golf course. But if you don't know this sport, why not treat yourself to an introductory course (40 € /pers.)? You will spend two hours with Romain, a warm and caring golf instructor, to discover an activity that requires precision and adaptation and a golf course without equal: you can see the sea from the 18 holes and you feel as if you are in suspension. Patrice tried it and really enjoyed his morning.

And after the course, have a drink or lunch in the clubhouse for the full experience!