Around the Clozette and the Moussette

Our cottages are ideally located between Etretat and the beach of Saint-Jouin Bruneval and far from the multitude. We can enjoy peaceful and somewhat secret countryside and coastline.

You can put on your sneakers for a morning running (or evening running), go for a nice walk.

You can also simply go and buy the morning bread and newspaper at Le Tilleul by bicycle.


Le phare et la valleuse du Fourquet

(In the Pays de Caux, Normandy, France a valleuse is a depression in the land surface of the plateau which permits access to the sea.)

From the center of La Poterie, head to the lighthouse for a superb view (2.6 km).

Then descend on the small beach of Fourquet by the coastal path: enjoy your solitude on this secret beach, listen to the sound of pebbles that roll under the swell... and climb up to La Poterie (about 1h 30 walk).

The Tilleul beach, a summer evening

The beach of Le Tilleul

From the center of the village of La Poterie, we take the rue de la Plaine which leaves the lighthouse on the left, then we reach the coastal path which will lead us to the most beautiful beach in Haute-Normandie: the beach of  The Tilleul, also known as the beach of Antifer. A bath of nature and tranquility, our favorite place to picnic, on summer evenings!

The Bruneval Memorial

La valleuse de Bruneval

At 2 kilometers from our lodging unfolds an open-air museum, in the valleuse de Bruneval. It traces Biting Operation , a military operation from February 1942, to recover strategic German radar equipment.

The hamlet of Bruneval is also worth a walk, for its surprising architectural heritage: it has been cherished by many summer visitors, lovers of the wild and romantic site of Bruneval, including Alexis de Conty (creator of tourist guides), who notably built the hotel Beau-Minet. To do on foot or by bike, from the cottages.
Etretat from the cliffs of Bénouville (photo taken in February 2021)
Admire the sea... The gardens of Etretat
Plunge pool at Etretat


Discover the staggering beauty of the cliffs and especially the Aiguille Creuse, the secret hideout of Arsène Lupin.

The cliffs

Since they are immortalized by the impressionists, they are no longer presented... But do you know that there are three cliffs? The Falaise d'Amont (the smallest arch) with, at its summit, the chapel of Notre Dame de la Garde; the most famous, the Falaise d'Aval; and the Manneporte.

The Gardens of Etretat

A visit not to be missed! They inspired Laurence for the photographs of one of our rooms. It is a place of art, poetry and extraordinary meditation composed of seven gardens: Avatar, Emotions, Impression, the garden of Aval, the Zen garden, La Manche and the garden of Amont.

The house of Maurice Leblanc

To (re)discover the gentleman thief... To do with children. Then (re)read L'Aiguille Creuse which you will find in the library (in French!).

The beach at Saint Jouin Bruneval, 5 km from the gîtes La Clozette and La Moussette

The Beach of Saint-Jouin

Enjoy the beach's pleasures  (swimming, catamaran, windsurfing, funboarding...).

The beach of Saint-Jouin Bruneval is very busy in summer (but you get a free parking lot)... obviously, it is the only one that offers a little sand to laze between swims!

The surrounding towns

The riches of the Seine Maritime

The Restaurants